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Fortinet Phone Systems


Brains on Wheels  will help you choose the right phone system, provide installation and configuration, and ongoing support.  We reccomend Fortinet phone systems because they are inexpensive, reliable, easy to manage and, best of all, feature packed.

Fortinet phone systems are designed for the SOHO and Small Business market. With configurations from 2 line & 4 extensions to 32 lines & 64 extensions Fortinet grows with your business. All Fortinet systems come with the following features:

  • Auto Attendants        
  • Voicemail       
  • Remote Extensions    
  • External IP Extensions          
  • Expandable    
  • Dial-By-Name Directory       
  • Voicemail to E-mail   
  • Music on Hold           
  • Call Cascade  
  • Ring Groups   
  • Automatic Route Selection    
  • Toll Restriction          
  • Call Forward  
  • Auto Fax Detection   
  • Call Conference         
  • Call Hold
  • Transfer/Park  
  • Call Screening            
  • Call Pickup     
  • Distinctive Ring         
  • Free Software Upgrades
  • As well as many more…

With Fortinet at your home office you don’t need multiple phones for home and business. The system can handle all incoming calls and route them based on which line the caller called. It can even be programmed to have voice mail for each family member. The Fortinet can be programmed to route calls based on your wants and needs. You can still use your existing home phones but gain the functionality of a business style system. Or add network enabled phones and have business style phones in your office and regular phones in your home. Fortinet also supports the latest in VoiP technology for either internal phones or external lines. Want to add a VoiP line for long distance, Fortinet can manage it and route your long distance through it automatically. For either home or business or home office, Fortinet takes care of your phones so you can take care of your business.

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