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You didn't go into business to manage your business' network. That's where the Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 / Brains on Wheels partnership comes in.  We are experienced instaling and maintaining Microsoft Small Business Servers.  From initial site audits and requirements gathering thorugh hardware and software installation right to ongoing monitoring and management.

A lot of thought has been put into by us so that you don't need to. 

Windows Small Business Server 2003 make your business easier to run and provides a wealth of enabling technologies like "work anywhere" that enhance your company's productivity.How your business will benefit.

While all small businesses are different, one thing is certain: Windows Small Business Server 2003 can help create a faster, more efficient business environment for you. How? By providing out-of-the-box email and security-enhanced Internet connectivity, improved productivity through knowledge sharing and collaboration, remote access, flexible and fast deployment, efficient monitoring and integrated backup and restore capabilities.  Brains on Wheels provides round the clock monitoring of your solution.

Centralized security-enhanced storage of critical organisational data
  • Centralised storage of all company data.
  • Security control over who gets access to what.
  • Allows backup of all organisational data at one time.
Guard against data loss
  • Multi-tiered data backup strategy.
  • Allows individual users to restore versions of documents quickly and easily themselves.
Accommodate mobile workers
  • Remote Web Workplace, the new remote portal included in Windows Small Business Server 2003, allows authorized users to access the Windows Small Business Server remote access features via the Internet.
  • Mobile device access and synchronization features enable users to connect to data and other files while using their cell phones and other portable devices when they're away from the office.
  • Enhanced Outlook® Web Access enables users to access an Internet version of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 from the Internet to share files, schedules, etc.
Help secure your network
  • Windows Small Business Server 2003 includes an internal firewall to help protect your local network, plus it supports external firewalls.
Round the Clock Monitoring by Brains on Wheels
  • Monitoring tools and usage reports keep us automatically apprised of network status.
  • Windows Small Business Server 2003 is based on Windows Server 2003, the most reliable operating system Microsoft has ever introduced. The resulting enhanced-clustering support included in Windows Small Business Server 2003 provides greater failover capabilities for high system uptime.

How can I learn more?
Contact the knowledgable staff at Brains on Wheels

Visit the Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Website